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Facebook ‘Unfriends’ Students

For immediate release (19/02/2021). On Thursday, over 1 million students across the country woke up to find their student media outlets missing from Facebook.  This decision from Facebook during Orientation Week, the most crucial time of the year for students, means that thousands of young people across the country will struggle to find out crucial…
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6 Years of the #RaisetheRate Campaign – Does the Government Finally Agree?

For immediate release (19/02/2021). Announced early this morning, the Morrison Government’s commitment to streamline and raise the rate of welfare payments is a welcome surprise to the 38% of students across the country on Centrelink support.  The COVID-19 crisis has only highlighted the existing cracks in our welfare system, and with this announcement, it is…
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International Student Worker Abuse Not an Exception but the Rule in Australian Workplaces

For immediate release (05/02/2021) Last week, an International Student in Adelaide faced horrific assault after asking for her legal right to wages that were stolen from her by her employer. The vile abuse that followed, and was captured on camera, documented the student being violently slapped and verbally abused. The NUS stands in solidarity with…
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January 26th – Not the Date to Celebrate

For immediate release (25 January, 2020). This Tuesday January 26 will mark 233 years of the colonial project known as Australia. It marks the start of dispossession and oppression for this country’s First Peoples. Our presence is a reminder to the settler-state, that their continued genocide has not and will not erase us. Protests on…
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