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National Office Bearers

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Bailey Riley

Starting my tertiary education at Tafe in Bathurst, moving to Sydney and studying at UTS has shaped my understanding of Higher Education in Australia and why we need to continue the fight to make it a truly equitable system. Everyone in Australia deserves a right to Free Education ,every student deserves a support payment that allows them to live comfortably & every student deserves as many chances as they need to succeed. As NUS President I promise to continue to amplify the voices of students and fight to make sure their demands are heard.

Sheldon Gait

General Secretary
I started my journey at RMIT as a TAFE student, brand new to Melbourne after moving from WA. I have been involved with student advocacy and the RMIT University Student Union for several years before moving to the NUS. I believe in supporting the underdog and giving people a fair go. Education is the driving force of social mobility in this country. It should be the right of every Australian to access the highest standard of education and the right of every student to be given the greatest chance to succeed in their studies. The National Union of Students was created to defend these principles and this is why I chose to run to be your National General Secretary for 2023

Xavier Dupe

Education Officer

Grace Franco

Welfare Officer

Emily Searle

Womens' Officer

Damien Nguyen

Queer Officer

Grace Hill

Queer Officer

Patrick Taylor

First Nations' Officer

Isabella Harding

Disabilities Officer

Arya Kushwaha

International Officer

Ben Naiju

Ethnocultural Officer

Cheyne Howard

Small & Regional Officer

Salwa Kilzi

TAFE Officer

General Executive Members

Ngaire Bogemann

Georgia Thomas

Caleb Watts

Cara Rowe

Devanschu Arora

Ravindra Sudewo

Jedd Dryden

Disha Zutshi

Alexander Knowles

Nidzam Shah Hussain

Hannah Horton

Andrew Seal