National Week Of Action: Defend Our Education, Save Our Futures

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For immediate release 15/03/21.

The National Union of Students opposes any future cuts to staff and to courses, the move to forced online learning and any restructures of faculties as a cost-saving measure. 

Today we are announcing a National Week of Action from the 22nd to the 26th of March where student unions across Australia will be rallying to stand up against the changes that are impacting the quality of our education.

In 2020, Australian Universities saw detrimental cuts in over 20 institutions, 12,000 university jobs lost and a 1 billion dollar cut to higher education funding by the Morrison government. NUS President Zoe Ranganathan says, “In 2021 we say no more, as universities ramp up with more voluntary and forced redundancies and many institutions force face to face students into online learning.” 

Voluntary redundancies threaten the diversity and inclusivity of our university environment, they disproportionately affect women, people with disabilities, queer people and First Nations people. 

Students, staff and the quality of our education is always on the line when it comes to universities cutting costs, these areas should not face the consequences of the sectors poor financial management and exploitation of international students who cannot return to Australia. 

NUS Education Officer, Chris Hall states, “with the move to unauthentic learning styles and measures that remove the autonomy and choice of how students want to learn, it has never been a worse time to be a university student. We will no longer stand for this.”

The NUS calls upon universities to prioritise teaching, learning, research and to:

  • Cease all cuts to their workforce and students;
  • End the use of recycled content and fund their academics to produce new content for students; 
  • Resume face to face teaching where COVID appropriate and;
  • Stop the implementation of forced online learning and teaching models that strip down the quality of our education. 

For further comment: 

NUS National President

Zoe Ranganathan


P: 0411 606 808

NUS Education Officer

Chris Hall


P: 0466 997 856