Talk About It - Now Extended!

The National ‘Talk About It Survey’ has now been extended to collect more responses from campuses across Australia!

The ‘Talk About It’ survey aims to gather information about the experiences of women university students in Australia. It will look at accommodation, safety, services, sexual assault, harassment and economic difficulties that women enrolled in tertiary education institutions face.

Please take the time to participate in this survey. This survey will be run every two years and your input will help to obtain a picture of the challenges and barriers that women students face. Data will be used by student organisations to inform discussion, policy and campaigns on a campus and national level.

The survey will be open from 3rd August - 25th September, 2015 and will be run online.

This survey is run by the Women’s Department of the National Union of Students.

Find the materials for here Talk About It like the logo, cover photo, badge design and poster as well as the roll out guide for your campus here

Facebook event here

Find the report of our last Talk About It survey here