Don't Threaten Our SSAF - Demand a better future

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is the core funding for critical services on campus such as

  • advocacy
  • financial aid
  • legal aid
  • clubs and societies

There are more students at universities than ever before however now more than ever students are facing tougher barriers for equity and support.

A motion has come before the senate (below) which looks to drastically limit its scope to support students.

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One in three disadvantaged students are dropping out due to financial and academic pressures. With sufficient support from universities and the government through fully funded support services this statistics would not be the reality for so many.

Don't Threaten Our SSAF - Demand a better future

The effect would be disproportionally worse for students at rural and regional campuses who do not have access to the resources and facilities that metropolitan campuses have.

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See the NUS media release here!