Western Australia (WA)

Lewis Whittaker

NUS Western Australia State Branch President


NUS West is the peak representative body the Western Australian Student Guilds.

In conjunction with the National Branch of NUS and the various Student Guilds, we work to champion student issues. This year, our focus has been organising the Demand a Better Future campaign.

The key pillars of this campaign are to say no to fee deregulation, yes to more funding for the university sector, and yes to better income support for graduates. This campaign has been rolled out over the last month through talking with students at the O-Days of the Guilds, as well as organising the March 25th NDA. NUS West’s participation in this campaign played a vital role in seeing fee deregulation defeated in the senate in March.

Outside of the Demand a Better Future campaign, NUS West has played an active role in the fight against any measures to repeal our state ASF legislation, which sees most Guilds receive a fair share of SSAF. NUS West will continue the fight against any proposed changes to state law that will see student control over student affairs diminished. Currently NUS West is in contact with Unions WA, and is looking forward to working with the union movement in this state to see that students and workers alike get a good deal.

This year, NUS West will be attending May Day, as well as continuing to stand in solidarity with the Union movement against any attacks against students’ rights or workers’ rights.

To find your campus student union in WA look no further:

Curtin University of Technology Curtin Student Guild https://www.guild.curtin.edu.au/
Edith Cowan University ECU Guild http://www.ecuguild.org.au/
Murdoch University Murdoch Guild http://www.the-guild.com.au/
University of Western Australia UWA Guild http://www.uwastudentguild.com/