Media Releases

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Media Releases 2019

Sudents locked out of budget yet again, where is Scott Morrison’s vision for our future

NUS Wary of International Scholarship Scheme

University Students Stand in Solidarity with School Climate Strike

Students Support Pill Testing

Students’ Vision for Australia- A Future Worth Fighting For

Media Releases 2018

Desiree Cai Elected 2019 NUS National President

5 Days of Rage Before National Day of Action Against Sexual Violence on Campus

Students Call for Books not Bombs - May 29

Federal Budget Reply: NUS Welcomes Labors Comitment to Post-Secondary Education - May 10

NUS Federal Budget Media Pack - May 8

NUS Support Andrews Labor Government Announcement for Free TAFE - May 1

30 Students Raped Everyday Documentary Exposes - NUS and CISA - April 27

Student Loan Bill Resurrected, Killing Opportunities for Future Students - March 27

Today Students Protest MYEFO Cuts and Proposed HELP Changes - March 21

Students Prepare to March Against University Cuts - March 20

Exorbitant Postgraduate Fees Rort Australian Students - March 15

NUS Condemns $5Billion Tank Purchase - March 15

Melbourne University Fees to Break Proposed Debt Ceiling - March 14

Bury the Bill - March 13

New O’Week revelations more proof that Minister needs to intervene to stop campus sexual violence - March 4

Universities leave sexual violence off national conference agenda - February 27

NUS Response to the Red Zone Report - February 26

NUS Support Labor Inquiry into Post-School Education - February 23

Call For a National Taskforce Into Sexual Violence - February 22

USYD Consent Matters - January 30

800,000 Women Students Reject QandA #MeToo Panelish - January 25

Open Letter to the ABC - Survivors Will Not Be Silenced - Group Letter - January 25

Students March Higher Education to Federal Elecction - January 9

Media Releases 2017

NUS Opening Statement to the Senate Education & Employment Committee- July 24

NUS stands against anti-abortion- March 26

Gender paygap set to grow- March 9

NUS stands against Islamaphobia- January 17

Students fight back against Bernardi’s bigotry- February 7

Students horrified by Trump’s travel ban- January 31

Students are ready for Birmingham- January 30

Students burn debt notices- January 27

James Cook University; fix your rape culture- January 20

Students ripped off!- January 13

Previous Media Releases

Students hold National Day of Action against deregulation and fee hikes - 13th April 2016

NUS International Student Department launches campaign addressing plagiarism and ghost writing - 11th April 2016

NUS condemns Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s commitment to university fee deregulation - 5th April 2016

NUS launches ‘Talk About It’ survey - 1st February 2016

Students win as senate block attacks on young people 9th September 2015

Students Hold National Day of Action Against Deregulation 19th August 2015

Newstart changes will force Australians into poverty 28th May 2015

Dodgy Spending from VCs in VAGO Report 28th May 2015

NUS Welcomes Opposition Budget Commitments 14th May 2015

Budget Has No Vision For Students - 12th May 2015

Pyne No”Fixer” this Budget - 12th May 2015

NUS Launches Quality Survey 1st May 2015

NUS Calls for Safeguarding of Women’s Representation - 7th April 2015

Let it go Pyne! - 31st March 2015

Students Protest Pyne - 25th March 2015

Support for Deregulation In Tatters - 19th March 2015

Students Celebrate Defeat of Deregulation - 17th March 2015

NUS condemns Pyne’s last-ditch attempt. 16th March 2015

Dereg Passes House of Representatives - 17th February 2015

NUS Appalled by brutality at protest 13th Feburary 2015

Pash Pyne - 11th February 2015

Uni Reforms Still Bad for Australia - 22nd January 2015