Sarah Tynan

National Womens Officer


NUS Women’s Department on Facebok

The NUS Women’s Department is responsible for advocating on behalf of women students in tertiary education, running nation-wide and on the ground campaigns on the issues that are affecting women students and lobbying relevant government ministers and university administrations.

Campaigns in 2019

In semester 1, 2019, the Women’s Department ran the Respect. Now. Taskforce. campaign calling for the implementation of a national taskforce into sexual violence on campuses.

This campaign followed off of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s ‘Change the Course’ report, which found that in 2015/16 52% of students surveyed reported that they had been sexually harassed at University and 9% of students surveyed reported that they had be sexually assaulted at University. This report also found that women students, queer students, trans students, Indigenous students, students with disabilities and students of colour are more likely to experience sexual violence than other students.

Following this report, NUS Women’s Department partnered with @End Rape on Campus, @Fair Agenda and @The Hunting Ground Project Australia to demand action on sexual violence at University, and for the Federal Government to create a national taskforce that must:

  • Be independent and expert led;
  • Regularly consult with students and student representatives;
  • Assess institutions by effectiveness of their policies, procedures and support services and;
  • Publicly release all reports and findings in a timely manner.

NUS Women’s Department took to campuses around Australia with the Respect. Now. Taskforce. campaign, spreading awareness and gathering support for the taskforce.



In Semester 2 NUS Women’s Department will be continuing on with our lobbying for the national taskforce and will be advocating for students and student involvement in the soon-due second national survey into sexual violence at universities.

More information will come regarding this and you can email womens@nus.asn.au for more information, or how to get involved.


NUS Women’s Department will also be calling a National Day of Action (NDA) in August to mark the second anniversary of the ‘Change the Course’ report. More information to follow.



Key Resources:

  1. Australian Human Rights Commission’s Change the Course Report

  2. Human Rights Centre’s On Safe Ground Report

  3. End Rape On Campus Australia’s The Red Zone Report

  4. End Rape On Campus Australia and NUS Women’s Department’s Survey Factsheet: TBA

If you have experiences of sexual harassment or assault and wish to seek further support, please find a list of support services here