Jordon O’Reilly

National Welfare Officer


What is the Welfare Department?

The Welfare Department is responsible for ensuring Australian university students have a national voice in regards to their health, wellbeing and the costs associated with taking on higher education.


Campaigns in 2018

The 2018 NUS Welfare Department Campaign is titled Your Rights at Work, Uni and Home. The campaign has been rolled out to campuses across the country and has included plenty of work with student organizations and other lobby groups.

In 2018 we are ramping up to tackle the big issues around Youth Homeless, Your Rights at Work and Mental Health of students. This year we look set to run awareness campaigns to lobby the government to come up with a national strategy to tackle homelessness in Australia. This will include a campaign to increase the rate of Newstart and other income support programs.

This year in the lead up to a like federal election in the later months of 2018 or early months of 2019, we will run an awareness campaign to get students to join their union. With this governments in ability to act on issues such as protecting penalty rates, increasing the minimum wage, and tackling wage theft, it’s important that we help feed members into their relevant workplace unions.

We will also launch several audits into on campus mental health services to assist our member unions improve services on their campus.