Ethno-Cultural Students

Hersha Kadkol

National Ethno-Cultural Officer

This year the NUS Ethnocultural Department will be actively involved in the anti-racist movements across Australia. Racism is union business and NUS through the Ethnocultural Department will advocate for a stance of solidarity with refugees, Muslims, Indigenous people, African migrants and any other groups that come under fire.

A key aspect of this Department is promoting activism against racism in all its forms. This means working with a variety of activist groups that are organising demonstrations both on and off campus. Currently in Sydney, the Department is working with FIRE (Fighting in Resistance Equally) and Palestine Action Group Sydney/Students for Palestine Sydney University to organise and promote rallies on important issues like black deaths in custody and the right of return for Palestinians.

The Ethnocultural Department is engaging with campus activists and student unions in order to get the widest range of students participating in actions for social justice. The Department is working with the Education Action Group at Sydney University and the NUS NSW Education Organising group to reach the widest number of campus activists in this project.

The umbrella campaign and Facebook page NUS Against Racism publicises issues of racism as they arise and detail information about upcoming protests. Watch out for anti-racist posters and other materials to counter the growing visibility of far right racist groups on campus.

Additionally, the Ethnocultural Department is working alongside the Education Department to fight against the cuts and caps announced by the Liberal government. The Department is also ready to engage in any other activism around progressive causes organised by NUS.