education Con Karavias

National Education Officer

The Education Department is responsible for working with student unions to co-ordinate national campaigns around higher education; it’s quality, accessibility and affordability.

This federal budget is bad news for students proposing an increase in student fees, cutting 2.8B from university funding and lowering the HECS repayment threshold meaning students will be paying much more for a far worse quality education.

NUS is vehemently opposed to the government’s agenda against young people. We believe our education is a right and shouldn’t be seen as a transactional business. This generation will be the first priced out of the rental and property markets, we are entering one of the most uncertain job markets in decades and now young people could face an even bigger barrier with thousands of dollars of university debt.

In 2017, the NUS education campaign is Make Education Free Again


Make Education Free Again

We’ve reached a critical juncture in higher education in Australia. The Federal Liberal Government’s proposed plans to cut funding and increase fees is just one challenge facing students in the immediate future. Uncertainty around employment, housing, and student income support mean an americanisation of our education system and a generation of young people ruling out tertiary education.

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