National Education Officer

Con Karavias

The National Education Department is responsible for organising campaigns against cuts to higher education funding, fee increases and a plethora of other issues affecting students.

In 2018, the NUS education campaign is Make Education Free Again

Since 1987 university fees have continually risen in Australia, and today Australia has one of the lowest levels of university funding of all countries in the OECD. Prospective students now face an enormous burden of debt, and the threat of an increasingly privatised higher education sector.

There’s no reason for things to be this way. The Liberals are currently proposing a $65 billion tax cut to corporations. They sink billions every year into subsidies to big mining companies, and in 2018 alone have spent billions in donations to arms manufacturers, refugee incarceration, and a fleet of tanks.

To challenge this nefarious agenda NUS has also launched the Books not Bombs campaign. This campaign seeks to challenge the militaristic agenda of the current Government and demand increased funding to education. The money spent on machines of death and destruction could fund free education for every prospective student in Australia many times over, and a vastly better staffed and higher quality education system.


On a national scale, the National Education Department organises rallies across the country against the federal Government. These are partnered with local stunts and actions, and responses to cuts and restructures implemented by campus administrations as well as those introduced by the Government.

The National Education Department is also active around social justice and environmental issues. The department works alongside of campaign groups and other departments of NUS to campaign against forms of oppression and discrimination that affect students and pervade wider society. In 2018 we are organising rallies against the Adani coalmine, and joining with groups to take a stand against racism and the mistreatment of refugees.