Small & Regional

James Callow

National Small and Regional Officer

Students who attend University in regional Australia and those who move from home to attend university in our cities are often the most forgotten students in the student movement.

The two key issues facing small & regional campuses in 2017 are funding cuts for regional campuses and the axing of the Higher Education Partnerships and Participation Program (HEPPP) by the Federal Government. The NUS Small & Regional Department will be campaigning on these two issues across 2017 whilst assisting with the national welfare campaign, Your Rights at Work, Uni & Home.

Firstly, cuts to funding for regional campuses are particularly damaging to students from regional Australia and the places they come from. In 2016, Monash Uni pulled out of Burwick and is planning on potentially shutting down the Gippsland Campus in the near future. The closure of campuses like this impacts the ability of students from regional Australia to attend university without incurring the cost of moving to a capital city.

The axing of the HEPPP is a disaster for regional students, the program targeted universities with high proportions of low-SES students and provided extra funding aimed at helping these students stay at uni. Improving retention and completion rates for these students is vital ensuring an equitable higher education sector in Australia and in I will be working with campuses across Australia to call for the reintroduction of the HEPPP.

The S&R departement represents these students. It is working to ensure all campuses are engaged, receiving support and campaign material, and having their voices heard.

If you are an active student rep at a small or regional campus join the facebook group at or shoot me an email at