International Students

Ziqi Han

National International Students’ Officer

The NUS international department is focusing on taking care of all the international students who study in Australia. As we all know, international students come from different backgrounds, they have different cultures, and it is important to make them feel save and happy here. This year, we will keep fighting for international students’ welfare, and work hard to make international students enjoy their life in Australia.

This year, lots of students come to us and tell us about workplace issues. Most international students work for low wages, as such, they need to work more hours in order to cover living costs. The Australian government only allows international students work no more than 40 hours each fortnight. This forces many international students into ‘off the books’ work for even lower pay. It is our responsibility to protect international students, they are paying more fees than local students, and they need cover their own costs. We cannot let them live like this.

Our department last year had a great campaign for Victorian international students transport concession card, this happened early this year, now international students in Victoria can get yearly concession ticket – NUS was pivotal in this.

There are many other issues, such as transport concession card for monthly and weekly trips, unfair academic penalties, international student accommodation, and university fee deregulation and increases. There are so many issues we need to fight for and I will be working on this in 2018.